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Daniel Spiro


Daniel Spiro

Daniel Spiro is a native of Bethesda, Maryland, where he currently lives with his wife, two daughters and two bichon frises.  A graduate of Stanford University and the Harvard Law School, Mr. Spiro is a Trial Attorney for the United States Department of Justice.  He is also the Coordinator of the Washington Spinoza Society, a discussion group sponsored by the Goethe-Institut Washington.  Mr. Spiro has published works on the role of religion in the public schools and the philosophy of education.  The Creed Room is his first novel.

Dan is available for interviews.  His expertise in social, political, and philosophical topics make him an eloquent and informed guest for talk radio.

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Writings of Daniel Spiro

"Remember to Live! The Philosophy of Goethe"

"Thomas JeffersonAmerican Muse"

"Spinoza and Germany"

"The Roots of Spinoza's Metaphysics"

"Spinoza and NietzscheThe Meeting"

"A Missed Opportunity"